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Wavelength Magazines 2008

Download April-June 2008Fall 2008

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Feature articles:

The Eyes and Ears of Cannery Row - by Meade Fischer.

8 Oceans - The journeys of Jon Bowermaster. By John Kimantas

Great Calusa - Florida's Blueway Trail. By Dan Armitage.

A moment with manatees - Reflections by Matthew Crane.

A touch of Arizona in Nfld. - Day Trip #1 by Keith and Heather Nicol.

Bliss near Seattle - Day Trip #2. By Lisa A. Johnson.

Launch from Nanaimo, turn left - Day trip #3. By John Kimantas

Skills, tips, resources and columns:

Skillset: The Sweep Roll - by Alex Matthews.

Rigged out - outrigger canoes - by Sheila Porteous.

Paddle Meals: Go green with two fun salsas - by Hilary Masson.

Fishing Angles: A fish in the hand... - by Dan Armitage.

Navigation: The ABCs of reading charts - by Adam Bolonsky.

Wildlife: Appreciating the birds - by James Michael Dorsey.

Ecology: A kayaker's ode to the coconut - by Bryan Nichols.

Health and Nutrition: Food as medicine - by Bruce Burnett.

Summer 2008

Download April-June 2008Paddling Places

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Feature articles:

Solitude on Santa Rosa - by Chuck Graham. Paddle California's Channel Islands.



Paddling the Cascade High Lakes - by Suzanne Johnson. Visit the southern end of Oregon's remarkable Cascade Mountain range.



Slipping past Solander - Join Dan Lewis for a trip to the outer reaches of Vancouver Island's most formidable peninsula.



Discovery Islands - Lyn Hancock is your guide through Quadra, Sonora, Maurell and Read Island as we head off the radar.



Alaskan Whistle Stop - by Dan Armitage. Travel to the Spencer Glacier by rail and paddle.



The Art of the Portage - by Adam Stewart. A paddle (and walk) along Vancouver Island's Sayward Canoe Route.



Bute Inlet Grizzlies - by Alex Matthews. A sightseeing journey up a Coast Mountain watershed.





Paddling through a Sea of Ice - join Jean-Luc Grossmann and Rafic Mecattaf on an incredible journey to Greenland's northwest shores.



Kayaking the Broughton Archipelago - Matthew Bowes visits Bill Proctor, Echo Bay and a few other Broughton favourites.



Kayaking to save the albatross - Hayley Shephard heads to the glacier-clad peaks of South Georgia for a cause.



Skills, tips and resources:

Kayak navigation - the basics by Adam Bolonsky.

The low brace lean turn - by Alex Matthews.


  • Gear locker - The Lendal Kinetic S Paddle by Alex Matthews.

  • Book Reviews - Paddling the Waters of Vashon Island; Paddle Your Own Kayak; Paddling and Hiking the Georgian Bay Coast; Coastal Beauty - Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs of Coastal British Columbia and Vancouver Island; Kids Gone Paddlin'; and Following the Curve of Time.

April–June 2008

Download April-June 2008Skills and Safety

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Feature articles:

Peter Marcus - by Alex Matthews

Wilderness First Aid - by Alex Matthews

Racing for Skills and Confidence - by Dian Weimer

The Ocean May Eat You - by Bryan Nichols

Fishing Angles: Rigging for Fishing - by Dan Armitage

Wooden Boats of Egypt - by James Michael Dorsey


Emergency Mapping and Messaging with SPOT / by Adam Bolonsky and John Harper

Skills, tips and resources:

Skillset: The Scoop Rescue - by Alex Matthews

Strings Attached - by Neil Schulman

Finding Your Edge - by Dan Lewis

Columns and such:

Paddle Meals: Kayak Jim's Famous Tequila - by Hilary Masson

January-March 2008

Cruising With Kayaks

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Feature Articles:

Drury Inlet Dreamscapes - by Carol-Ann Giroday

Different Strokes - by Barbara Gail Warden

Choosing a Mothership - by Ron Mumford

Mothership Kayaking Is Not Always Black and White - by Mike Richards

Kayaking in Paradise - Gulf Islands National Park - by Hans Tammemagi

Kayaking Rituals for the New Year - by Neil Schulman


Columns and such:

Exercising the Angling Option: Fishing Angles - by Dan Armitage

Bahamian Fishing - by Ben Mumford Winter

Endless Love: The Water Cycle for Kayakers - by Bryan Nichols



Trak T-1600 Sea Kayak - by Alex Matthews

WindPaddle Kayak Sail - by Adam Bolonsky

Skills, tips and resources: