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Winter 2010 Wavelength Magazine

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Feature articles:

Scavenging on the edge

Kayakers get the dirt on Haida Gwaii. By Liam McNeil. Arrow Read more.

Kermode bear

Paddling with a shamrock

Images from Ireland. By John Kimantas.Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Kayaking with cannibals

. I don’t like the way Raba’s smiling at me. He looks mischievous, what with his red lips, orange betel nut–stained teeth and a twinkle in his eye. By Dave Cauldwell. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Polynesian discovery

A sailboat trip to the South Pacific allowed Ryan Masson to discover what may well be the perfect beer bread recipe. The sacrifice involved is obvious. By Hilary Masson. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Our most tricked out kayaks ever

Our goal here was to create the ultimate tricked-out kayak. And in the end we actually needed two kayaks to accommodate all the items. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Surf games

Trade in that ‘sofa’ for something to ride the waves – if you dare. By Neil Schulman. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Kayak surfing 101

Here's what you need to know to get started. By Christine Brice and Wavelength Magazine. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Up for the challenge

Bowron Lakes prove ideal for standup paddleboarding. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Kayaking with flare

When all else fails, pyrotechnics can get you potentially life-saving attention. By Michael Pardy. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

The hand of God

The “Hand of God” is a rather extravagantly named rescue that is very effective when aiding an unconscious or injured paddler who is unable to exit their capsized kayak. By Alex Matthews. Arrow Read more.


Fishing lunacy

Some anglers think that unless the sun and the moon are aligned, you may as well stow your tackle and go for a paddle rather than ‘waste’ time fishing.. By Dan Armitage. Arrow Read more.

Hiding from Zeus

A drab tarp can become a lifesaver when lightning suddenly turns an outing into a panicked scramble for shoreline and safety. By Dan Lewis. Arrow Read more.