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Spring 2010 Wavelength Magazine

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Feature articles:

It's all about family

Veteran paddler Dan Millsip reflects on watching his children grow up on the water, and offers tips on how to instill a love of paddlesports in youngsters. (Spring 2010)


Building on the Fun

Teen Maddie Millsip puts her heart, and a bit of muscle, into building what has become much more than just a kayak. (Spring 2010)


The Sea is My Backyard

Champion surfer Adam Harvey shares his thoughts on how family helped motivate his love for kayak surfing that tranformed him into a world champion. (Spring 2010)

Weather windows

Whetting Young Appetites

Vancouver Island Paddlefest picks Family Paddling as its 2010 theme.(Spring 2010)


The allure of wood

If you think a wood kayak is limited to the realm of master carpenters, you may be surprised to find out what’s really involved in building one. (Spring 2010)

Delta 16

Day Trips: Chasing castles

Kayaking San Simeon Bay, California. (Spring 2010)

Re-enter and roll


One bad decision – to leave in poor conditions – can be offset by preparation. (Spring 2010)


Skillset: Making contact

This quick and easy tow is ideal when speed of deployment and stability are key. (Spring 2010)

Paddle meals

Herons of the night

James Dorsey looks at the odd lifestyle of the night heron. (Spring 2010)

Rainforest Chronicles

Fishing Angles: Follow de birds, mon

Bahamian bonefish ordeal reinforces the old notion that the best fishing guides are feathered.(Spring 2010)

Deception Pass day trip

Gateway to the Pacific Rim

Unassuming Ucluelet offers a unique glimpse of life on the edge. (Spring 2010)

One bear

New Gear

Our newest look at:Delta Kayaks Catfish, Nimbus Paddles basalt paddles, Wild Coast Gulf Islands Recreation Map, SeaSpecs Extreme Surf Sunglasses and Perky Jerky. (Spring 2010)

One bear

Paddle Meals: Keep it fresh

Baja bean salad and roasted veggie lasagna. (Spring 2010)

One bear

Riding the Flats

Mudflats are a marvel of nature, Dan Lewis finds in his Clayoquot Sound explorations. (Spring 2010)