Wavelength Magazine celebrates 20 years,
the creation of a new trail and a name change

March 1, 2011 7 Comments

Wavelength Magazine marks three significant milestones in one issue with the release of the Spring 2011 edition.

Wavelength Magazine first published in 1991, meaning the magazine turns 20 years old this year. Wavelength is celebrating with an online sweepstakes with the grand prize of a new Atlantis Titan VI in a custom kevlar layup and paint scheme.

The kayak has a retail value of about $4,500, and will be given to one lucky reader of the online edition. The clue to win the kayak is hidden in the multimedia version of the spring issue which can be viewed here. See page 28 for details on the contest.

In addition, history is made as Wavelength Magazine officially changes it's name to Coast&Kayak Magazine. The reasons for the change are explained in the First Word column of the Spring Issue on page 4, but editor John Kimantas says the decision wasn't made lightly.

"Wavelength Magazine is a great name, but too great as there are multiple other Wavelength Magazines out there," John says. "This was fine 20 years ago, but the world is smaller now and the titles are colliding. If you look at the official Wavelength Magazine Facebook Page it's actually a Brit surfing magazine. Not to mention that things like bluetooth technology are based on wavelengths, which really cloud the search function in finding us. So we needed a name that better expressed what we're all about. I think Coast&Kayak summarizes it nicely. It would be Coast&Paddlesports, but unfortunately Paddlesports is a very cumbersome word."

A work in progress is the change of the magazine's domain from wavelengthmagazine.com to www.coastandkayak.com. That will take place later in March.

Meanwhile, the Spring 2011 celebrates another remarkable achievement: the pending announcement of the creation of the BC Marine Trails Network. The BC government's support for the trail and the first two portions to be officially complete will be unveiled at the Vancouver Island Paddlefest in May. In advance, Coast&Kayak Magazine presents a world exclusive preview on details of the new marine trail destined to become the world's longest. It will link coastal routes between Alaska and Washington State by campsites, launch sites and safe havens to allow paddlecraft and small boats to travel the coast.

Most importnatly, it gives official status to casual but established kayaking base camps so the route will survive other coastal uses such as fish farms and resorts that may otherwise encroach.

You can read the multimedia version of the Spring 2011 issue here. The multimedia version includes video, slideshows and added features meant to enhance the editorial content of the printed version. It is the only paddlesports magazine with unrestricted global access to its online edition. The printed version is available for free at selected outlets across Canada and the United States and by subscription for a fee.


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  1. says:

    Coast&Kayak Magazine is providing this forum to offer feedback on our content. This will be possible on the html version of all magazines now. We do screen submissions prior to posting, so there may be a lag before seeing your feedback online. Please note the best of the replies we receive may end up being printed in the magazine, so it is important to leave a valid email.

  2. says:

    I'm looking forward to the posting I'll get on the matter of the name change. It was a difficult decision to alter what has become a kayaking institution. But it was also inevitable. What do you think? Criticisms welcome!

  3. says:

    Great magazine! The name change suits. Can't wait to keep reading more!

  4. says:

    I LOVE IT. The videos are an excellent addition. As for the name change, its not the name ,but whats inside that counts. Paddle on.

  5. IJ, North Vancouver, BC says:

    This is my first time reading Coast&Kayak (Wavelength). You've done a great job with the online magazine, links, videos, ads and great content! Truly multi-media. I look forward to spending many more hours browsing back issues and reading future issues.

  6. JL, Sammamish, US says:

    What amazes me most about Wavelength, old or new formats, is that it is free online. This has amazing content and is beautiful in layout. This summer I'll be spending three weeks paddling various locations around Vancouver Island and the March issue is absolutely perfect timing! Thank you.

  7. SS, Oak Harbour, WA says:

    Happity Birffsday, Coast&Kayak! As I was reading your editor's welcome, I thought, perhaps you can be named Waves&Paddles. hahah...all hail paddle sports! I am new on-line, but have been a Wavelength reader for years! Being a total gear geek, I pop over to REI and get my new issues every shopping trip. Thanks for going green! Speaking of green, the green buttons opening up the pix or vids are AAAA-MAZING! Try that with print! Thanks for running the contests...you rule! Whoo hoo!

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