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Feature articles:

Aleutian images

Rob Avery reports on the kayaking and environmental conditions at Adak Island and other remote Aleutian locations. Arrow Read more.

Kermode bear

Portfolio: Photography

When a rare tranquil day like today comes to the often tempestuous Strait of Juan de Fuca, it becomes magical. The bow of our sleek double kayak slices smoothly across the mirror-like surface of the water, and long ripples radiate out in all directions to undulate hypnotically beneath the light of the summer sun. Our sea kayaking team from California, the Tsunami Rangers, paddles languidly westward towards historic Cape Flattery on the distant horizon. By Michael Powers.Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Into the night

Drifting in the dark listening to wolves howl or viewing the unforgettable universe of bioluminescence: it opens up a whole new world for paddlers who are willing to take the chance. By Dan Lewis. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

The dark side of paddling

Extend your kayaking season by paddling in the dark but play it smart – follow a few simple rules for night paddling fun. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Nutrition strategies

Whether training to race, or to just paddle longer, careful attention to your diet can vastly improve your recovery time. By Roy Stevenson. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Elephants of the sea

Once considered extinct, northern elephant seals are finding new life in Mexico and California. By Chuck Graham. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

The mathematics of wind

When kayakers talk about “conditions,” our primary concern is usually wind. Because more often than not, it is wind that will dictate when and where we can paddle and when we must stay ashore. And sometimes the most pertinent question is not “can we paddle in this wind?” but rather “how long can we paddle before exhaustion sets in?” By Alex Matthews. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Summer solstice potluck

Here are some of my favorite vegetarian potluck recipes for such occasions: a grilled eggplant parmesan appetizer and a vegetarian stuffed portobello mushroom dish. By Hilary Masson. Arrow Read more.

Kayaking Kitimat

Fall's fishing frenzy

Rivers come into their own after the dog days of summer, making autumn a great time to wet a line on your next paddle trip. By Dan Armitage. Arrow Read more.