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Fall 2009 Wavelength Magazine

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Feature articles:

For the love of Nuchatlitz

A look at life and living one of BC's prettiest coastal provincial parks off the top tip of Nootka Island. (Fall 2009)


Just Go

Sandra Lucas solves the dilemma of how to fulfill the dream of kayaking Antarctica. (Fall 2009)

Weather windows

In search of weather windows

The kayaking season doesn't have to end after Labor Day. Just be more cautious. (Fall 2009)

Gearing up

Gearing up for the cold

Prepare all you want for that big summer weekend getaway, but the grand plans will be all for naught if the wrong weather system moves in. (Fall 2009)


Destination: Cortes

When wind keeps you off the water, the right venue makes all the difference. (Fall 2009)

Delta 16

Kayak Review: Delta 16

Imagine a sporty little compact car boasting lots of stock features at a budget price – fun for the owner, but likely snubbed by sports car purists. That is, until one stops to look under the hood. (Fall 2009)

Re-enter and roll

Skillset: Re-enter and roll

The concept is simple: in the event of a swim, you can re-enter your capsized kayak while it’s still upside down, and then roll it back upright. (Fall 2009)

Kelp 1010

Ecology: Kelp 101

A primer on the prime marine plant of the Pacific coast. By Neil Schulman. (Fall 2009)

Yoga for kayakers

Health and Fitness: Yoga for kayakers

How does yoga relate to kayaking? In a word: awareness. By April Link. (Fall 2009)


Planning and Safety: Uncertain about certification?

Michael Pardy wades into the debate on the merits of certification-based kayak training. (Fall 2009)

Paddle meals

Paddle Meals: Mexi-stacks

Outback Oven adds a whole new element to kayak cooking. By Hilary Masson. (Fall 2009)

Rainforest Chronicles

Rainforest Chronicles: The river is my ocean

There is nothing like the feeling of paddling across a wide channel like Juan de Fuca Strait and noticing that the whole body of water is actually moving. By Dan Lewis. (Fall 2009)

Deception Pass day trip

Day Trips: Navigate your way through Deception

Everything you need to know about planning a kayak trip to Deception Pass. By Erik Schorr. (Fall 2009)

Deception Pass day trip

Destinations: Getting to know Nanaimo

Chances are if you've traveled on Vancouver Island, you've passed through Nanaimo. After all, it's the travel gateway and ferry hub for most of the island's best kayaking destinations. So for everyone who's passed through Nanaimo but not stopped, here's some water-related trivia to think about. (Fall 2009)